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Aerial Yoga Photo Gallery!

nj yoga, yoga nj, new jersey yoga, yoga new jersey

nj yoga, yoga nj, new jersey yoga, yoga new jersey

Click here to view Yoga pics!

Sunrise / Mixed Level Yoga
Yoga Flow Fundamentals
Gentle & Prenatal Yoga
Mixed Level Yoga
Sunrise Yoga
Mommy & Me Yoga
Parent & Child Yoga
Prenatal Yoga

nj yoga, yoga nj, new jersey yoga, yoga new jersey


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NJ Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga (Aerial Stretch & Tone) is currently offered on Saturdays @ 4pm.

All other yoga classes are no longer offered at Wellness On The Green. Sorry!

Drop-ins welcome for all our Morristown NJ Yoga Classes - there's no need to sign up or register, try any class anytime! All of our classes are $20 for a drop in or $130 for a package of 8 classes. Pay the instructor when you get to class with cash or a check, or click here to register online or pay the drop-in fee with a credit card. We also offer an unlimited monthly classes membership for $150.

nj yoga, yoga nj, new jersey yoga, yoga new jersey

NJ Yoga Class Descriptions

Aerial Yoga / Aerial Stretch & Tone

Combining yoga with aerial silks acrobatics, this class allows you to practice your yoga movements while suspended in the air. Aerial Yoga prevents back strain by strengthening your core muscles without compressing your spine. Aided by our aerial silk hammocks, you will counteract gravity and achieve challenging yoga postures and inversions. Any level yoga student is welcome and will benefit from this class, including beginners and advanced students as well as those with no aerial experience.

Yoga For Dudes

Ever said, "I can't do yoga, I'm not flexible"? Well that's WHY you do yoga - get flexible AND strong. And yes, it's just for guys. Just a few realistic benefits of yoga for guys who are just starting out:

  • understanding of how you're REALLY supposed to stretch (not what you learned from a trainer or in gym class) in a way that will actually get you flexible pretty fast
  • having easy tools for peace of mind and stress reduction you can use anywhere
  • immense core strength
  • agility in other activities sports you play and/or a great work out if it's your only activity
  • back health & injury relief (especially those who get sore from golf)
  • improved balance, focus & stamina
  • oh and let's be honest - you tell any woman you're doing yoga and you just got major points on the attractive scale

Yoga Flow Fundamentals

This class focuses on learning and improving your flow yoga practice.  Nancy will emphasize the development of your core stability and alignment base.  The class will consist of dynamic yoga poses that improve your strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and relaxation.  It will include hands-on adjustments, plus discussion of your subtle core energy and vitality, and how the work of your yoga practice informs your life. The class is inspired by Nancy training in Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Anusara techniques, and in yoga therapy.

Gentle and Prenatal Yoga

This class includes basic toning, stretching and deep relaxation exercises.  Nancy's compassionate instruction will help you work safely and effectively to bring your body into balance.  Anyone wanting a slow, deep and nourishing class is welcome to attend.

High Noon Yoga

Give your afternoon a burst of energy.  This class consist of dynamic yoga poses that develop core strength, flexibility, balance, proper breathing and deep relaxation.  Hands-on adjustments, understanding of our subtle energy core and vitality, and how the work of our yoga practice translates to our lives are all included in this energizing class.

Weekend Warrior Yoga

A unique blend of Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow set to an upbeat playlist of music. Whether you're looking to strengthen your overall physical athleticism or just sweat out the toxins from the night prior, this class works all angles of your mind and body in an engaging,energized practice. This class works to change and open minds about yoga. All levels encouraged and no previous experience necessary. Positive attitude and smile mandatory.

Sunrise Yoga (Mixed Level)

A wonderful way to begin your day! This yoga class will tone, stretch, and strengthen your body. This class will explore a variety of asana (poses) and pranayama (breathe) that will increase flexibility, improve balance, and enhance mental focus. Sunrise Yoga will leave you with sustainable energy to carry you through your day. It is better than a cup of coffee!

Mommy & Me Yoga

Mommy & Baby Yoga Class helps you restore your body in a supportive motherhood environment.  It aids in the transition of being pregnant to being a mother; not only with your body but also emotionally and spiritually. It will also make your bonding with the baby stronger. Please have your doctor's OK before you start exercising. This class is appropriate for babies 6 weeks old to a year.

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  Wellness On The Green, morristown nj fitness class, morristown nj dance class, morristown nj massage  

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